Domen Kozelj
Domen Kozelj
Freelance Concept Artist and Illustrator
Ljubljana, Slovenia


Domen Kozelj - Concept Artist

Ljubljana, Slovenia

I’ve started my Visual Development business in 2014 and have since worked for both large studios, as well as smaller indie developers. I pride myself on a solid work ethic, both never having missed a deadline, as well as delivering work of a consistent quality. I can produce a variety of styles and adapt to a wide range of projects depending on your specific requirements, as well as communicate with the rest of the production team, in order to deliver assets they can work with.

​My passion remains world building. I’m a long time fan of both tabletop and video-based Role Playing Games and as such, love figuring out how cultures, historic references, and lore come together to define a compelling setting. I specialize in environment level, prop and character design and development, working with either your studios Art Director to iterate on assets, or individually to define the look of your IP.

Work Experience

-Freelance Work:

-Concept Artist (since 2016), work for Aquatic Moon for clients:
---Blizzard Entertainment - Overwatch
---Riot games - League of Legends
---Lab Zero - Indivisible

-Art Direction, Texture Artist (2016), Acid Nerve – Unanounced Project

-Concept and 2d Asset Artist (2015), PouPou – Morpho Goons

-2D Environemnt Arist(2015), Sungazer Software – Tenth Line

-Concept Artist (2015), Immersive Duoro – Shrooms

-Concept Artist (2014-2015), Worked with a number of smaller indie devs:
---Mongrel - Fischmel
---Nephils Fall - Exordium Games
---Settle Forge – Andreas Mank
---Unannounced Project – Ryo Games


Concept Art and Design for Videogame ProductionComfortable with a multitude of subject mattersTrained in traditional painting techniquesDesign and Illustration in Digital MediumsExtensive Visual LibraryComprehensive knowledge of Art HistoryExperience creating hand-painted Textures

Software proficiency